Ghostride the Whip (Canada 2008)

From acclaimed executive producer Peter Spirer comes A DJ Vlad film. The first film to definitively capture the energy and danger of “Hyphy,” the Hip Hop youth movement exploding out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Narrated by Oakland native and television/radio personality Sway, this film explores the political, social and musical history behind the culture that popularized ghostriding the whip – walking, running or dancing next to a moving car with no driver. GHOSTRIDE THE WHIP also follows the fascinating life and career of a young Vallejo rapper named Mac Dre, who has dominated the Bay Area underground music scene for years. Prolific, iconic, and revolutionary, Mac Dre’s music and legacy is inextricably tied into the Hyphy movement. Featuring music and interviews by top Bay Area Hip Hop artists Mac Dre, Too $hort, E-40, MC Hammer, Keak the Sneak, Mistah F.A.B. and more sildenafil citrate 100mg .

Gandhi (1982)

When ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ (qv) first set foot in British India, he had already been to Britain and South Africa, and had created quite a stir for the betterment of the people. But in India, he realized that he had first to live the life of a peasant to understand what it is to be an Indian. This resolve will lead him to shed his westerners clothing, and don a simple loincloth, be subjected to racial slurs from none other than Winston Churchill (Half naked Indian Fakir); Mobilize awareness of local industry and less dependence on imported clothing and material; the historic dandee march for withdrawal of the salt tax; a fast unto death to stop the virtual slaughter of British troops by irate Indian mobs; and be imprisoned several times. His resolve was to work with stalwarts such as Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Sardar Valabhbhai Patel, Professor Gokhale, J.B. Kripalani, Maulana Azad, and Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru to ensure first of all to get the British to quit India, and then run an Indian Government under the Congress party. Gandhi will soon realize that it is not enough to be just an Indian, for India has many facets – Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, and Christian. The British relied on these many facets as an excuse for their continuance as they wanted to ensure that the minorities are not direct lender online payday loans oppressed by the Hindu majority. Concerned over the inroads made by Gandhi to unite the Hindus, Muslims, and all others under a common umbrella, the British invited Jinnah for talks, and it is here that a seed was laid for a separate country called Pakistan. When Gandhi came to know about this, he pleaded with Jinnah to unite the Muslims, even take over as the first Prime Minister with his choice of Muslim candidates for Parliament, but separatist Jinnah had already made his mind. The World Wars of 1914 and 1944 having taken it’s toll on Europe and Britain in particular, the weary British finally decided to leave India in 1947 – not the India they had conquered – but an India that was ready to be divided in East Pakistan and West Pakistan. Now after the much awaited independence was the real test for Gandhi – a test that will make him or break him – as he started a fast unto death to try and stop the violence that was threatening to break out into a civil war, not realizing that he had indirectly fanned Hindu extremism, which would later be called the Shiv Sena, into taking the matter directly in their hands to ensure that Muslims are kept out of their Hindustan forever.

Express, The (2008)

Ernie Davis was an All-American on the gridiron, and a man of integrity off the field. A multi-sport high school star in Elmira, New York, Davis went on to Syracuse University, where as a sophomore he led his team to an undefeated season and a national championship in 1959, and earned his nickname, the Elmira Express. Two seasons later, Davis had broken the legendary Jim Brown’s rushing records, and became the first black athlete to be awarded the Heisman Trophy.

The number one pick in the 1962 NFL draft, Davis signed a contract with the Cleveland Browns and appeared to be headed for professional stardom. But Davis never ended up playing in the NFL: He was diagnosed with leukemia during the summer before his rookie season and succumbed to the disease less than a year later. In battling his illness, Davis showed great dignity and courage, inspired the nation, and moved President John F. Kennedy to eulogize him as ” an outstanding man of great character.”

An enduring story of a true scholar-athlete, The Express is a touching, impeccably researched, deeply personal portrait of Ernie Davis, and a vivid look at sport in America at the dawn of the Civil Rights era.

Flash Gordon (1980)

Flash Gordon is an American football player who along with Dale Arden are returning to New York City after a long vacation, until the plane they are passengers on crashes into the laboratory of Russian scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov. Both Flash and Dale become unwilling passengers on-board Zarkov’s rocket-ship as Zarkov sets a course for the planet Mongo. Arriving on Mongo, Flash and his companions find the planet is under the ruler-ship of the evil Emperor Ming the Merciless and Ming is attacking Earth with natural disasters as he bids to destroy Earth. Realising that Earth and the human race is in mortal danger, Flash decides to unite the kingdoms of Mongo and combine the forces of rivals Prince Baron and Prince Vultan to rescue Dale, who is to become Ming’s wife and defeat Ming and save Earth from annihilation.

Scooby Doo Meets Batman (1972)

Holy jinkies, Batman, just when it seemed superheroes couldn’t get any groovier, you collide with the Mystery Machine gang. Such a pairing might normally yield one wacky crime-fighting power struggle, but in these two capers egos take a back seat to classic you-check-this-out, we’ll-check-that Scooby-Doo splintering. First, bat-plagued pranksters Penguin and the Joker kidnap a hopelessly tongue-tied professor in a scheme to swindle a high-tech flying suit. Then the conniving criminals return as bit players in a counterfeiting ring run out of a way-wacky funhouse. Soar along in the Batmobile or make like a banana and split with Shaggy and Scoob at these crime scenes—either way, it’s a secret-passageway and scary-mask-packed combo even more compelling than the cookies-and-batmilk Scooby snack the pesky kids tuck into during a break in the action.

Specialist, The (1994)

Ray Quick is an ex-CIA bomb expert now living as an high-tech outsider somewhere in Miami, Florida. May Munro has heard of his skills and tries over and over to convince Ray to bomb the guys who killed her parents once. Ray begins to overshadow May. He is interested in May’s case, but still is of the opinion to never use his skills again. The situation changes dramatically when a former CIA comrade of Ray appears on the scene.

Fire Down Below (1997)

EPA agent Jack Taggart is Stunned to hear from his boss Phil Pratt that his best friend and fellow agent Frank Elkins has been found dead in Kentucky after Frank’s truck plunged into a river. The Kentucky State Police believes that it was an accident, but the EPA believes it was no accident. It all began with an anonymous letter from the small town of Jackson, Kentucky. Frank was sent to Jackson to investigate what the letter described as some kind of pollution that is causing fish to die and causing people to get sick enough to die. Frank sent back water and soil samples that all tested off the charts for toxic substances. After Frank discovered that the Hanner Coal Company, owned by Orin Hanner Sr., is being paid to dump toxic waste into an abandoned coal mine shaft, Frank ended up dead. Jack is assigned to go to Jackson, where his contact will be Reverend Bob Goodall, who runs a church in Jackson. After arriving in Jackson, Jack finds out that he’ll be staying in a room in the church’s basement, and as Jack’s contact, of course Bob knows that Jack will be going undercover as a carpenter. Jack begins by repairing the roof at a house where he meets Henry Carr, his wife, and his kids Edie, Alberta, Christine, and Walter. Walter is sick because of the pollution. That night, Hanner’s son Orin Hanner Jr., also known as Junior, spies on the church along with corrupt Sheriff Lloyd, who is on Hanner’s payroll. On the next day, when Jack goes into downtown Jackson, he meets Betsy Hamill and her twin sister Patsy Hamill. Jack then walks down the street and introduces himself to Cotton Harry. Then Jack takes some water samples. At church on Sunday, Bob introduces Jack to everyone, and tells everyone that Jack is a carpenter. During lunchtime at the church, Jack introduces himself to Sarah Kellogg, a local outcast who is a beekeeper. Sarah has a brother named Earl. Jack goes to Sarah’s house and offers to repair the steps on her front porch. Over time, Jack comes to believe that something is bothering Sarah, and it’s something dark. Jack wants to save her from whatever it is, while trying to bring Hanner and his crew down.

Point of No Return (1993)

A gang of armed drug-addicts break into a chemist shop to try and steal drugs to fuel their habit. However, the police arrive too fast and all addicts but one are killed. She, Maggie, is sentenced to death by lethal injection for killing a police officer, but she wakes up after the execution to find that she has been spared in order to train her as a government assassin. After a dramatic transformation, she is allowed to leave and start a new life for herself, on the condition that she always be on call for the government. However, she begins to discover that there is more to life than she previously thought and soon begins to wish she could escape from her obligation. But the government aren’t so easy to evade…

Hard to Kill (1990)

In 1983, Senator Vernon Trent is running a high-profile re-election campaign. Los Angeles cop Mason Storm videotapes a meeting where Trent hires killers to kill his opponent so he won’t lose the election. When Mason’s cover is blown, he gets away temporarily, but when he calls in this information to his partner Kevin O’Malley, he is overheard by corrupt cops who work for Trent. On his way home, Mason stops at a liquor store to pick up some champagne to celebrate his undercover coup with his wife Felicia and his 5-year-old son Sonny. 5 thugs come into the store with guns and blow away the cashier, and Mason kills the thugs. At home, Mason tucks Sonny in, and Mason and Felicia open the champagne. The corrupt cops who overheard Storm’s call to Kevin go to Storm’s house and start firing their guns. Felicia is killed, and Sonny is missing and presumed dead. Mason himself, declared dead at the hospital, revives only to remain in a coma. Kevin enlists the help of a doctor to keep Mason’s survival a secret until he can recuperate and give information on his assailants. 7 years later, in 1990, Kevin has been forced off the LAPD, with Trent and his men now running the show. Mason is in a coma center under the alias of “John Doe,” and he’s being cared for by nurse Andrea “Andy” Stewart. Mason wakes up from his 7 year coma, and takes some time to recover. After recovering, Mason is reunited with Sonny, who is now 12-years-old, and Mason plans his revenge on Trent.